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LEAF - Learning difference Education Assistance for Families

LEAF began as an idea by SMS parents with similar experiences and challenges. This idea was cultivated and soon developed into an organization that will help our community grow together in understanding learning differences among children.

Together we can support one another by providing ideas, information, resources and a place to connect with other families on a similar journey.

Please join us for an upcoming Speaker Series!
Feel free to view our upcoming speaker schedules, resources library, and provide us with feedback on any event or topic of interest.



Contact us:


LEAF -Learning Difference Education and Assistance for Families
    -   Helene Peppard and Lisa Norris (SMS Parents)  sms.leaf@gmail.com
If you like social media - we have our own Facebook page.  It is a private page for SMS Families and called SMS LEAF.  Please go to our page and ask for an invitation as it is a closed (private) page that is available for networking with other like SMS parents.