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Dave Gross Scholarship

Coach Dave Gross
In 1960 Dave Gross joined the faculty of St. Monica when the school was under the leadership of Bishop Danglmayr and the Bernandine Sisters.  At that time, the bishop “challenged and charged” Dave to keep the Spirit of St. Monica alive.  He has devoted the past fifty-three years safeguarding the mission entrusted to him. 

Dave Gross experienced many changes and developments while coaching and teaching PE at St. Monica School.  What has not changed over the years is his belief in each student’s worth and his use of mutual respect as a teaching tool.  He has always been faithful to his philosophy that a coach or teacher “must earn respect by listening, speaking directly to a student, and treating each student individually.”  Dave always had a special talent for remembering the name of students even in the early days with the typical class size of 70 students.  Many of his students were given “special nicknames’ which are remembered today.

Dave Gross played a major role in the development of athletics not only at St. Monica but also in the Dallas Diocese.  He was the Dallas Parochial League Director for a number of years.    He has presided over many championships in football and has coached, refereed, and umpired  sports offered at St. Monica, including cheerleading.  All of his former football players remember well his famous “First Monday in July” football practices as well as time spent “in the box” when an attitude adjustment was needed. 

Former students often mention that Dave Gross was one of the most influential teachers in their lives.  The success he has had in coaching and teaching children is based on his ultimate goal which is “to teach them something.”  All of us that have had the good fortune to know him, been coached by him, or work with him, can attest that he has taught us something and that something was good.

Alumni Billy Nosek, 1978 St. Monica Alumni started the "Kick-Off" for the Dave Gross Scholarship in August 2013.  This is what Billy had to say about Coach Gross - "Coach Gross didn't just teach me about football: he also taught me about life. I learned how to be a team player and how my individual efforts make a difference. He taught me how to accept loss and work harder to win next week. He taught me to give 100% and to never look back, only look forward. I'm a better person having played ball for Coach Gross and St. Monica."
Thank you to all our alumni and St. Monica Families for your support  - The Dave Gross Scholarship is a reality.   If you would like to donate to the Dave Gross Scholarship - click here