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St. Monica Catholic School celebrates each child’s unique gifts and is dedicated to creating a learning environment where all children have the opportunity to reach their highest learning potential. It is our goal to cultivate life-long learners who will be the future leaders in our community and church. 

To accomplish this task we have centralized professional specialists used to create unique programs for our students. A consolidated location is creating a synergy providing the greatest benefit to students with all their unique learning styles, personal strengths, and abilities.  

  • Enrichment Program: This is a unique program developed specifically for St Monica School and The June Cooper Learning Center.  It is based on the importance of challenging all students to reach for higher levels of cognitive and creative thought. By using 3 different types of enrichment across many grade levels, the program seeks to reach as many students as possible to help them maximize their potential abilities.
  • Academic Language Therapy Program: This program is designed to help students reach the desired level of reading fluency and comprehension. The Take Flight program, developed by the Luke Waites Center of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, addresses all the major components of effective reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. It is an all-inclusive curriculum focusing on the basic mechanics of reading as well as reading comprehension.
  • Learning Specialty Program: This program is staffed by a master-degreed Learning Specialist, who works with students in need of test-taking techniques, specialized academic help, extended time testing, or small group testing.
Office space is available for other outside professionals such as speech, language, or occupational therapists and educational diagnosticians who can provide specialty services to the children at St Monica Catholic School.
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If you are interested in learning more about a parent lead organization to help support our learning difference students, please click here to be taken to LEAF -Learning difference Education and Assistance for Families

    -   Helene Peppard and Lisa Norris (SMS Parents)