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17th Annual Tuition GAP Campaign

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Supports our school community
Offers teachers competitive salaries
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What is the GAP?

The mission of St. Monica Catholic School is to educate children through a caring partnership of Church, school and home. Tuition and fees only cover 85% of our expenses leaving a 15% gap.  The Tuition GAP Campaign bridges the difference between tution and the actual cost to educate a child.  This year the gap is $1,064 per child.
How can you help?

Everyone is asked to participate in closing the gap. We ask that everyone give what they can, and remember that no gift is too large or too small.

Please make your pledge now. Payment by check may be mailed or dropped off at the school. Payment by credit card, or ACH/debit card may be completed online. Pledges should be fulfilled by June 2017 and may be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis if desired.

The school accepts cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, or donations of security. Gifts to the St. Monica Catholic School GAP Campaign are tax-deductible and qualify for Matching Gifts Programs.