Student Support Services

Any student, parent, or faculty member can consult with the Counselor to address individual needs of students. The Counselor will make recommendations to help students meet the academic/behavioral/emotional challenges of the curriculum at St. Monica and better succeed in school.

In some instances the Counselor will need to investigate a student’s academic/emotional challenges through a more detailed process. This process may include student observation, teacher input, parent input, and/or screening instruments. When the results indicate a need for additional intervention, the Counselor will provide recommendations for outside services that may include tutors, diagnosticians, or other professionals.

Students with diagnosed disabilities may qualify for accommodations in classroom. The student will have an Accommodation Plan written, implemented, and monitored by the Counselor. Accommodations provided will not alter the curriculum of St. Monica. Accommodations are utilized only when academic integrity can be maintained.

In addition to having a Counselor on staff, St. Monica also offers services provided by Certified Academic Language Therapists.

Attached is a list of available tutors with whom St. Monica parents have had successful experiences.  St. Monica School does not endorse any professional or organization.