SCRIP Information & Annual Participation Agreement

The SCRIP Program
The SCRIP program raises funds for the school through the sale of gift cards for local merchants. A percentage of each card purchased is given to the school and the profit generated is credited to the purchasing family’s SCRIP account. A record is kept of the amount of SCRIP purchased by each family and the amount of profit that is generated by each purchase.

Purpose of the SCRIP Program
The St. Monica School Board operates the SCRIP program to generate revenue to help cover school operating costs. This program was adopted in an effort to keep tuition rates low and affordable for our school families. Families are able to support the school while at the same time providing entertainment or necessities such as groceries for themselves at no extra out of pocket expense. It also is a program that allows for community involvement as parish members or friends of school families may participate.

FAMILY COMMITMENT – Generate $250 Profit from SCRIP or Pay Additional Tuition
Each family (not individual student) is required to generate $250 in profits from the SCRIP program through purchases of SCRIP OR pay an additional $250 in tuition. If a family decides to pay the additional tuition, the additional tuition will be added to the family's FACTS tuition plan. Please note - the dollar amount of scrip purchased does not equal profits generated.  Profits generated are the discount each merchant donates to the school.

SCRIP Family Profit Summary (account balances) are available on the drop down menu to the right of this page.  These balances are updated at the beginning of each month from August through June.  If the balance of the SCRIP Program account is less than $250 when the SCRIP Program ends on April 30, the difference must be paid immediately. When a family exceeds the $250 tuition credit from their SCRIP purchases, they begin earning a tuition credit for the following school year.  When 50% of the profit from all additional SCRIP purchases is greater thatn $10, the amount will be credited to their tuition for the following school year.

For questions, please email

Optimize your usage of this program:
  • You make the most of this program by choosing from our SCRIP Inventory (list can be found by clicking "Files/Forms" to the right) and for use in everyday purchases (ie groceries, restaurants).
  • If you plan your purchases ahead of time (3 business days), you may order from a larger list of merchants  - after you get to the Great Lakes SCRIP Center Page - click on the top left corner - where it says retalier list.  Choosing a merchant who recognizes a GREATER percentage will allow you to maximize your earnings.
  • Purchase SCRIP cards three ways:
    • Cash (we do not have correct change, please bring the correct amount of cash)
    • Check
    • Bank Draft (form below) These are processed twice a month
    • SCRIPNOW! And RELOAD - Virtual Ordering & Reloadable Cards (new in 2015). There is a page dedicated to this - on the right hand side of this page.

School Year Hours:

  • Monday - Friday (carpool - 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.) outside the school office
  • Monday - Friday (3:00 p.m.- 3:45 p.m.) outside the school office 
Summer Hours: [click here 
If a check is returned Non-Sufficient Funds - a charge of $25 will be assessed