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The Role of the ST. Monica School Board
The purposes and functions of the St. Monica School Board are set forth in Article II of the Constitution for the St. Monica School Board. 
Generally speaking, the role of the Board is limited to advising the Pastor and the Principal on policy matters, including financial matters, strategic planning, and the operation and maintenance of school facilities. 
The Board works with the Principal and the Business Manager to establish and monitor compliance with the School budget, which includes setting tuition and teacher salary schedules, but does not include setting individual teacher salaries. No budget can be implemented unless it is approved by the Pastor and the Parish Finance Council. 
The Board also creates and maintains a Strategic Plan for the School, and makes recommendations for the operation and maintenance of School facilities. 
While the Board establishes Local Policy for the School on a broad range of topics including, admissions, communications, and grievances, the Pastor has final authority in all policy matters. All policies must be consistent with Diocesan Policy and the School Board Constitution. Under the St. Monica Grievance Policy (Local Policy 5.2), the School Board Chairperson has appointed three persons to serve on the Grievance Committee. The role of the Grievance Committee is purely advisory, and the committee has no authority to rule on or decide grievances. 
The Board is not involved with or responsible for establishing the procedures by which School policies are implemented. The procedures for implementing School policies are set by the Principal and the School Administration and published in the School Handbook. The Board is not involved in the day to day operation of the school.
The Board also advises the Pastor with respect to hiring, evaluating and terminating the Principal, but is not otherwise involved in personnel matters. 
Finally, the Board, or a Board Committee, may act as an appeal board if requested to do so by the Pastor, and may also conduct or participate in any other special assignments requested by the Pastor or the Principal.