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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (K through 8)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Caterers is a full service catering company that has serviced the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro-Plex for the last 22 years. Chef and Owner of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Phillip Luna, was inspired to create healthy, well-balanced meals for private schools after a displeasing visit to his children’s school for lunch one day. Currently, they are catering to 9 private schools in the Dallas area. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner sets themselves apart by:
• No Fried Foods
• Incorporating Vegetable Purees for Added Nutrition
• Fresh or Frozen Produce
• Nut Free/Sensitive
• Eco-Friendly disposable plates & utensils
• Healthy Snack Options

Any questions about lunch, how to add money, or account questions - please contact
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Caterers -  p214.340.0061 f214.342.0676 

Lunch Pricing (Hot and Cold)
    Hot Lunch comes with a drink, side, and dessert
    Salad comes with a drink and dessert
    Sandwiches come with a drink, chips, and dessert
  • K - 1st - $4.20
  • 2nd - 4th - $4.70
  • 5th - 8th - $4.95
A La Carte Items
  • Naked Juices - $2.75
  • Izze - $2.00
  • Tropicana Juices/Lemonade - $2.75
  • Large Water - $1.00
  • Horizon Milk - $1.00
  • Milk - $.75
  • Apple/Orange Juice - $.85
  • Small Water - $.50
  • Muffin - $1.30
  • Cereal - $1.30
  • Yogurt - $1.10
  • Chips - $1.30
  • Fruit - .85
  • Cookies - $1.00 for 2 

Account Registration
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create Account”
  3. Fill out the School’s 7 Digit ID: gwcstmo
  4. Fill out the Registration Key: gwc2015
  5. Fill out your Email Address: {parent_username}
  6. Click “Validate Me”
  7. Create New Password & Security Question
Adding Money to Your Account
  • Cash - Please do not give your children cash to use in the lunch line (change cannot be dispensed).  Guess Who's Coming to Dinner does not have a cash register to dispense change.  If cash is your preferred method of payment, please put the money in a sealed envelope and on the front write:GWCTD Cafeteria - School Name - Student Name - Amount Enclosed. Please deliver the envelope to the cafeteria cashier. The money will be added to your student’s online account.
  • Checks - Please make checks out to “GWCTD”.  In the memo area please put the school name and the student’s name.  This will help us put the money in the appropriate account.Checks can be given to the cafeteria cashier or mailed to: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, 10729 Audelia Rd. Ste. 107, Dallas, TX 75238
    • 1. Go to
    • 2. Fill out School ID - gwcstmo
    • 3. Fill out Username (the email used to register. This can be changed later.)
    • 4. Fill out Password
    • 5. Click “Click here to sign in”
    • 6. Your main page will come up. Here you can change your profile information. DO NOT CLICK ON “MY CREDIT CARDS YET”! Putting a card on file does NOT add money to your child’s account automatically. You must follow the steps below first
    • 7. Click “Add Money”
    • 8. Click on the Account Number of the child’s account you want to add money to
    • 9. Fill Out the Billing Information
    • 10. Click “I have read and agree with the above statement”
  • Putting a Credit Card on File for Automatic Drafting- Putting a credit card on file will allow for us to bill your account once your child’s account has reached below $10.00/$15.00. Having a credit card on file ensures that your child will always have money in their account and eliminates having to keep track of your balance.  Your card will be billed  $40 each time.
1. Go to
2. Fill out School ID - gwcstmo
3. Fill out Username (the email used to register. This can be changed later.)
4. Fill out Password
5. Click “Click here to sign in”
6. Click the “My Credit Cards” Tab
7. Click “Add new Credit Card”
8. Answer Security Questions
9. Click “Click here to validate me”
10. Fill out the information as it appears on your card. Make sure the address is your credit card billing address
11. Set up how you would like to be contacted when billed
12. If you have multiple children, and would like to use the same card for all of them, make sure the “Attach this card to all accounts” is checked in the lower left hand corner
13. Click “I accept/save changes”. A screen will pop up saying that your card information has been updated
*Note- When a student’s account falls below $10.00/15.00, you will receive a “low balance” notice via e-mail, text message, or voicemail. If your student’s account is on automatic credit card billing, the credit card attached to the account will automatically be billed.

Changing Your Username, Password, Address or Phone Number - You may change your username to something other than your email address, as well as your other profile information.
1. While logged in, click “Account Info”
2. Under “My Profile” click “Edit My Profile”
3. Answer your security question.
4. Make the changes to the desired fields, i.e. username, password, email,etc.
5. Click “Save my changes”
6. Your Child’s Account Number
Your child’s account number is what he or she will use to purchase food. It is important for your child to memorize his or her account number so that the lunch line can move quickly and smoothly.
1. While logged in, click “Account Info”
2. Click on the “StudentsTab”
3. Your child’s account number will be listed under the DRX Acct. right next to his or her name. Make sure your child knows this number!
Checking your Child’s Activity (View what your child is purchasing)
1. While Logged in, click “Acct Activity”
2. Click on the account number of the child’s activity you wish to view
3. Select the dates you want to view
4. The child’s account activity will be listed by date, time, item, price, and balance
Restricting Items - You can restrict certain items for each child so he or she will not be able to purchase them.
1. While logged in, click “Restrict Items”
2. Select Unit “Cafeteria” and click “Continue”
3. Click on the account number of the child’s profile you wish to view
4. Items are separated out by grade/price. Click on the grade of your child or snack items
5. Click on the check boxes of the items you want to restrict from your child
6. Click the “Save” button
Spending Limits - You can set a spending limit per day or per meal.
1. While logged in, click “Spending Limits”
2. Select Unit “Cafeteria” and click “Continue”
3. Click on the account number of the child’s profile you wish to view
4. Click on the drop down menu where it says “Set Maximum Sales to” and click on “Per Meal” or “Per Day”
5. Enter the amount that you want to allow your child to spend in day or per meal
6. Click “Save Changes”
Uploading a Picture - Attaching a picture to your child’s account helps the cashiers make sure the student account number entered matches the child using the account.
1. While logged in, click “Account Info”
2. Click on the “Students”Tab
3. Click on the “Edit” button next to the student’s name for whom you want to add a picture
4. Below the image of “Photo Not Available”click “Select/Edit”
5. Click on the “Browse” button and select the picture of your child  (School pictures work great for this!)
6. Click “Upload Picture”
I Have More Than One Child At The Same School - DineRite sets up each student separately, but they are attached to the same parent and monitored through the same account.  If you would like all your children to be put on one account with one balance (which can be easier than keeping up with two or three!) please contact our office 214-340-0061 or . This will, however, combine all account activity into one account and any restrictions will apply to all the children.
Non-Returning Students - Students who have either graduated or will not be returning to school the next year will be credited back the money left on their accounts. A check from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Caterers will be mailed to the address on the student’s account, so make sure you keep your account information current.
At the End of the Year / Returning Students - Students who will be returning the next year will have their balances from the previous year roll over to the new year in their accounts.