Tuition Procedures

The financial commitment to St. Monica Catholic School represents an investment in your student’s education and development of their faith. During enrollment, all families select a payment plan and are expected to remain current in their payment of tuition and fees during the year.
  1. Terms of payment for tuition and fees. The tuition rate set at the time of enrollment continues throughout the school year and does not change (for example, if a non-parishioner becomes a member during the year or if a student is baptized during the year). Tuition for students enrolling after the first day of school will be prorated over the number of months they will be in attendance.
a. All payments will be made through the FACTS Tuition Management plan. Options for payment include:
i. Monthly - 10 payments, July through May (no January payment because re-enrollment is in January), annual FACTS enrollment fee charged for Monthly payment plans.
ii. Semester - Due July 1 and Dec 1, no annual FACTS enrollment fee
iii. Annual – Full payment made by July 1, no annual FACTS enrollment fee
b. Payment methods
i. Automatic payments from checking/savings account
ii. Automatic charge to credit card – subject to 2.75% credit card fee
iii. “Invoice” payment – full balance of tuition and fees due on July 1 and other situations as deemed necessary. No families with a past due history may use the Invoice payment method
c. Tuition insurance – FACTS offers “Peace of Mind” benefit that is payable upon the death of either the Responsible Party (plan owner) or their legal spouse. Information is provided during annual enrollment.
2. Terms of payment for miscellaneous charges. Miscellaneous charges for athletic registration, Extended Day, Pines field trip, etc. are billed through FACTS’ Incidental Billing program. Families receive email notification of these charges and due dates. All families will set up automated payment plans for Incidental Bills during online enrollment.
3. Tuition rates. Tuition rates are approved annually by the School Board and published in late December for the following school year.
(a) Parishioner discounts. Families who meet all of the following criteria (determined by the Pastor) are eligible for tuition at these rates:
i. The family is a registered member of St Monica Parish
ii. Each child is baptized Catholic at the time of enrollment
iii. The family attends Mass at St Monica Catholic Church and contributes on a regular basis (at least once a month, totaling no less than $23 a week or $1,196 per calendar year). Contribution requirements for the '16-'17 school year are based on January 1 to December 31, 2016 church contributions. Only Sunday Church contributions are considered for parishioner status. GAP, Renovation Fund, Special Collections, Dad's Club, PTO, and other contributions are not considered.
iv. The family substantially participates at St. Monica Parish and School.
(b) Non-parishioner rates. Non-parishioners will pay the full tuition rate with no sibling discounts.
4. Fees:
a. Application Fee - new applicants only, nonrefundable, processed with Online Application
b. Enrollment Fee - nonrefundable, processed as Online Enrollment is submitted
c. Academic & Technology Fee - students Kindergarten through 8th Grade only, due June 1 (or 10 days after enrollment if enrolling after June 1)
d. SCRIP Non-participation Fee – The SCRIP program is MANDATORY for all families enrolled in the school. All parish members and members of the community are encouraged to participate in the program. Each family is required to generate $250 in profits from the SCRIP program through purchases of SCRIP or pay an obligatory $250 fee. Families elect to either participate in the program or to pay the additional fee during online enrollment. If electing to not participate in the scrip program, the fee is due June 1 (or 10 days after enrollment if enrolling after June 1) and charges are added to the family’s FACTS account. The program runs from May 1st to April 30th of any given school year.
5. Payment Date Adjustments, Past Due Accounts and Returned Payments
a. It is the parent’s responsibility to advise the Tuition Management Office or the School Principal if there are any problems with maintaining on time tuition payments. Families with emergency financial hardship (loss of employment, medical issues, etc.) must propose a payment plan on the “Parent Delinquent Payment Plan Agreement Form”. The school administration will work with individual families to make arrangements for alternative payment plans.
b. Families are able to adjust payment dates within the same month by logging into their FACTS account. Requests to postpone individual payments to future months will be reviewed by the Principal and, if approved, changed in FACTS.
c. FACTS charges a $30 Returned Payment Fee for the first returned payment. Additionally, St. Monica charges a $25 Late Payment Fee for any payments submitted after the due date.
d. Unless approved alternative arrangements have been made, family FACTS accounts must be current for student to:
i. Attend first day of school
ii. Participate in extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, etc.)
iii. Resume class after Christmas Break
iv. Re-enroll for following year
v. Participate in graduation activities
e. If a family’s FACTS payment plan becomes “Inactive” due to closed accounts, stopped payments, etc., St Monica reserves the right to suspend student attendance until the account is corrected.
6. Refund of Tuition and Fees. Families who withdraw their student(s) during the school year will be refunded advance tuition payments and receive credit on FACTS accounts according to the following:
a. Withdrawal notification must be made in writing to the school office
b. Enrollment, Academic/Technology and Scrip Non-Participation fees are non-refundable
c. Tuition will be pro-rated over the number of months the student was in attendance (including partial months), for 10 months (August through May)
d. Refund of tuition for months when the student was in attendance is only possible with the approval of the Principal and the Business Office.
7. Tuition Assistance
a. Tuition Assistance is offered to St Monica Catholic Church parishioners in good standing who have students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Tuition assistance is not offered for Preschool or Developmental Kindergarten students.
b. Application for Tuition Assistance is made online through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment program. Due dates and information are available on the school website,
c. Applications for Tuition Assistance must be renewed each year.
d. Maximum Tuition Assistance varies depending on the community needs each year, but no family will receive more than 35% of their annual tuition charge.
e. By accepting the Tuition Assistance award, families must maintain the confidentiality of their individual award. If this confidentiality is breached, we reserve the right to rescind the award.
8. Scholarships: Several organizations affiliated with St Monica Catholic School offer scholarships to returning students and at times to students new to the school.