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Strategic Plan

St. Monica Catholic School


Long-Range Strategic Plan


2014 – 2018

The strategic planning process helps St. Monica Catholic School identify present needs, develop strategies to help it adjust to changing conditions, make current decisions that are future-oriented, and make future decisions more effectively. A strategic plan is intended to have a long-term view of an organization. The St. Monica Catholic School Strategic plan consists of two primary phases:
1) Initial Plan Development, and
2) Plan Management and Communication.
During the “Initial Plan Development” phase, the St. Monica School Board reached out to the community at large to help in a number of different ways, including providing feedback, assisting with objectives, leading an objective team and other areas of participation. This community involvement is a critical part of the strategic planning process.
The “Plan Management” phase involves significant amounts of work by the objective teams, team leaders and team members to ensure that each objective is achieved. “Achievement”for an objective can come in different forms, including completing the objective as originally outlined, or tailoring the objective as new information or expertise is learned. To that end, akey element of any successful strategic plan involves open sharing of the strategic plan itself, and updates, successes and/or changes to the plan.
Because communication is so important, the Strategic Planning committee, while working closely with Team Leaders and other board members, will use various avenues to communicate status of the strategic plan.

The objectives of greatest importance from each pillar of the Strategic Plan for the current school year are as follows:

Academic Excellence 
  • GOAL – To provide updated textbooks, which include online editions, to students

  • Action Plan – The school will allocate funds for the purchase of new textbook series, which include online editions allowing students greater access to instructional materials and to support materials for individual enrichment and/or remediation.

  • GOAL – To continue the development of curriculum based assessments to aid in evaluating academic progress in mathematics and language arts and in making staff development decisions based on data

  • Action Plan – The administration and staff will use the data collected to assess the training needs of the staff and to bring in programs to support instructional improvement or implementation of new innovative programming.

Finance and non-tuition revenue
  • GOAL – To transition to using FACTs for tuition collection

  • Action Plan – The administration will work with FACTs Tuition Management to put all tuition collection under one single program and to increase accountability and management of tuition assets.

  • GOAL – To increase funds for scholarships for students in need

  • Action Plan – The school, School Board, and Endowment Trust will work together to plan a campaign to raise funds to assist families in need of tuition support in order to retain their enrollment at St. Monica.

  • GOAL – To install Wi-Fi throughout the campus

  • Action Plan – The school will seek funding from the PTO and the Dads’ Club to help fund the installation of a Wi-Fi network throughout the school campus and parish. 

Bearcat spirit/alumni
  • GOAL – To initiate an outreach to alumni in order to establish a database for future contacts

  • Action Plan – The school will work with the Endowment Trust to hire or seek out a volunteer to establish a database of alumni with the intent to reach out during future capital campaigns and to encourage the support of St. Monica School financially, in prayer, and in participation in various events.

Marketing and communication
  • GOAL – To develop outreach and create events to recruit new students, primarily kindergarten students

  • Action Plan – The administration will work with either a development director or volunteers to host recruiting events for prospective families, to reach out to local pre-schools, and to distribute marketing materials to local schools who feed into St. Monica School.

Facilities-Security Upgrades
  • GOAL – To construct access barriers/controls and to increase supervision of entries

  • Action Plan – The school will seek funds from support groups and the parish to install, to add, and/or to enhance security at all entry points in accordance with the directives from the Diocese of Dallas.

  • GOAL – To upgrade communication and intercom systems

  • Action Plan – The school, in conjunction with the parish, will research and install a new phone system with enhanced communication to provide classroom-to-classroom communication and school wide intercom access, particularly to the Family Center, to the field and play areas, and to the cafeteria.

  • GOAL – To develop a more comprehensive program to make the school more environmentally responsible

  • Action Plan – The faculty and staff will work with the students to assess and develop projects that can make the school greener.

Information About Strategic Plan Files Below:
There are files listed below that we hope you take the time to review.
  • SMS Strategic Pillar Committees 
  • Strategic Planning Brochure - Overview of the Process