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Strategic Plan


Cornerstone: Catholic Mission & Identity

                         Pillar : The Whole Child Mission  

                         Liesl Mayerson: mayerson@gmail.com

                         Create strategic goals to support holistic, developmentally appropriate, spiritual, social, and physical growth of St. Monica School students. Also, include strategic goals for parent education and support. By supporting and educating parents and families, we increase the successful development of the whole child.                   

                         Pillar : One in the Spirit  

                         Karla Armendariz: karlagarmendariz@ymail.com

                         Maintain goals supporting administrators, educators and staff while continuing to foster a sense of community. Leverage internal talent for cross-education, as well as improve internal communication within the administrators, educators and staff. Continue to strive for a productive balance of teaching, learning and personal time.                       

Cornerstone: Governance

                    Pillar :  Marketing & Development

                    Larry Brown: islakit@sbcglobal.net

                    Maintain a “value proposition” that will serve as the foundation of a marketing strategy to recruit students for enrollment including a contact management system, communication processes and tools tenable to community outreach. Improve communication of individual student performance to parents to ensure parental involvement. Additionally, communicate strengths of academic program and effectiveness of curriculum to parents. Develop plans to increase volunteerism in the community and environment, boost alumni relations, and enhance our Catholic identity.                   


                    Pillar :  Finance & Non-Tuition Revenue

                                  David Martin: dmartin@marinercapital.com

                    Continue providing an affordable education and building our tuition assistance fund through enhanced marketing, public awareness and alumni involvement. The school, the School Board, and the Endowment Trust will work together to plan campaigns to raise funds, pursue grants and assist families in need of tuition support in order to retain their enrollment at SMS.                       

Cornerstone: Operational Vitality

                    Pillar :  Campus Facilities

                    Mike Curtis: mcurtis@curtisbp.com

                    Provide facilities and an environment that will always be safe, comfortable and functional for SMS students while providing the assets necessary to allow our students to learn and compete at the highest levels. Foster innovation and provide a model for environmental sustainability for the school and community.                  


                    Pillar :  Integrated Educational Technology

                    Jenny Gamble: jennytgamble@sbcglobal.net

                    Provide students with a comprehensive curriculum of technology instruction and the tools necessary to keep our students on the forefront of technology in the classroom and to keep pace with a changing and competitive world.                  


Cornerstone: Academic Excellence

                    Pillar : Academic Advancement

                    Claudia Mathison: claudiamathison@gmail.com

                    Maintain a process to capitalize on the strengths of the academic program and look for ways to maintain academic excellence. Continue to measure and interpret student academic results via standardized testing. Continue to offer enriching and challenging curriculum including Spanish and Fine Arts.



                    Pillar : Extracurricular Development

                    John Isbell: jisbell@gpm-law.com

                    Provide a variety of extracurricular opportunities that promote Catholic, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development for all students.