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Graduate Profile

Profile of the St. Monica Graduate

"It is the mission of our school to graduate students who are knowledgeable in the Catholic faith, academically prepared to continue their education, and ready to be the future of our Church, community and country."

They may wear different uniforms after they graduate from St. Monica, but St. Monica students will never forget the close community of their parish school. As Father Stephen Bierschenk reminds students during their graduation, their nine years together means that "St. Monica will always be home."

In recent years graduates have selected Catholic high schools not only in North Dallas, choosing Jesuit and Ursuline, but also further afield going to Bishop Dunne, Bishop Lynch, Cistercian Preparatory, and John Paul II. The common factor is that St. Monica prepares students for a broad range of high school experiences and puts students in a position which allows them choices among many high school options. Based on data from the past few years – we have high acceptance rates of our students into high schools.  About 80 - 85% are able to go to their first choice of high schools, and 100% are able to go to their first or second choice.

Each class leaves its own academic legacy at St. Monica while embarking on new goals and challenges as the class members face life in high school. The large numbers of St. Monica students participating in the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP), where many obtain state recognition, being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and earning President Barack Obama's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence, speaks to the academic preparedness of St. Monica graduates for high school challenges. John Paul II former students, Austin Buch and Abby Guerra, credit their preparedness to their teachers, "Great teachers promoted a love of learning and enforced the value of discipline and respect. You walk out of eighth grade with everything you need for high school."

Students at St. Monica have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service oriented activities.  8th grade students, as a part of the Confirmation preparation, are required to participate in 6 service projects throughout the year.  National Junior Honor Society members must participate in community service activities in order to maintain their active membership in the society.  The entire school participates in “Buck A Jean” and “Pennies from Heaven” days where monies donated are earmarked for a local charity.  During Catholic Schools Week, the entire student body participates in a “Day of Service” focused on serving others in the community.  A focus on service carries over into high school and, for many, leads to engagement in philanthropic activities as an adult.

St. Monica graduates also find time to pursue their passions in high school.  Whether they leverage their years of DPL sports championships into a slot on a varsity high school team, or their leadership in the St. Monica student council into election as a high school class officer, St. Monica students build on their formative experiences to become high school leaders. Sydney Malin, a former student at Ursuline, commented, "I know that my experience at St. Monica prepared me for the challenges in my future."

St. Monica School provides graduates a firm foundation to achieve success in their chosen schools and make a lasting contribution to their communities.