Dads' Club Golf Tournament scheduled for May 13......................................Join us for Rosary each Wednesday @ 2:30 pm in our Church
1:1 Technology 

Upcoming Events

No School - Inclement Weather Make Up Day
Date: 4/29/2016
2nd Grade First Communion
Date: 4/30/2016, 10 AM
Location: St. Monica Church
Father Bierschenk's 40th Anniversary Celebration: Reception from 9 - 3:30 pm / Mass @ 11 am
Date: 5/1/2016
Location: St. Monica Church & Family Center
5th Grade Trip to the Pines
Date: 5/3/2016
Kindergarten Muffins w/ Mom
Date: 5/3/2016, 7:30 AM 8 AM
Location: Cafeteria
5th Grade Trip to the Pines
Date: 5/4/2016
Music Show (PK, DK, Kindergarten & 1st Grade)
Date: 5/4/2016, 2 PM
Location: School Cafeteria
May Crowning Practice (8th Grade)
Date: 5/4/2016, 2:30 PM
St. Monica School Rosary
Date: 5/4/2016, 2:30 PM 3 PM
Location: St Monica Church
Art Show (PK - 3rd Grade)
Date: 5/4/2016, 3 PM 6:30 PM
Location: small gym in the family center

News and Announcements

St Monica Catholic School's Mission

Thank you to Father Bierschenk, Mr. Riley & our Current School Board for making our Mission simple and on point. The Mission of St. Monica School:
To develop a life-long passion for learning and foster in each child their fullest spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth within the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Mission Statement

The mission of St. Monica Catholic School is the development of the whole child by fostering the love of God, respect for self and others, and belief in gospel values, according to Roman Catholic principles, in an atmosphere of academic excellence.
It is the mission of our school to encourage self-confidence and school pride in a culturally diverse community, through a caring and disciplined partnership of Church, school and home.
It is the mission of our school to graduate students who are knowledgeable in the Catholic faith, academically prepared to continue their education, and ready to be the future of our Church, community and country.


The philosophy of St. Monica Catholic School is based upon a call to attend to the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical needs of our students.
We seek to provide an educational program that challenges and nurtures each child's distinctive abilities.
We believe that the success of each child is enhanced by the collaboration of parents, faculty and staff working in a positive and trusting framework.

Facts at a Glance
  • The School: St. Monica is a ministry of St. Monica parish. It is a co-educational Blue Ribbon School accredited by the Texas Education Association and the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department.
  • Grades: PK3 to 8th Grade (including both Developmental Kindergarten and Kindergarten).
  • Enrollment: 854 (90% Catholic)
  • Faculty / Student Ratio: 1:11
  • Mascot: Bearcats
Average Class Size:
  • Preschool: 18 (with a teacher and an aide in each classroom)
  • Developmental Kindergarten: 18 (with an aide)
  • Kindergarten: 18 (with two aides for the grade)
  • First Grade: 20 (with an aide for the grade)
  • Second - Eighth Grade: 22
  • Middle School Math Classes: 18
Classes Per Grade:
  • Preschool Threes - 1 class
  • Preschool Fours- 2 classes
  • Developmental Kindergarten - 1 class
  • Kindergarten - 8th grade - 4 classes per grade
  • Middle School Math & Language Arts: 5 classes per grade

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Saint of the Month

John Baptist de la Salle
April Saint of the Month
The saint of the month of April is St. John Baptist de la Salle. John Baptist de la Salle was born in France on April 20, 1651 into a powerful and wealthy family. He was ordained into the church as a priest. La Salle met Adrian Nyel who was establishing schools for poor boys, since in those days education was reserved strictly for the rich. La Salle had sympathy for their poverty, so he found five teachers, rented a home, and opened a school for poor boys. La Salle later came to check on the school to find that the teachers were cruel to the children, and they would spend their nights playing cards and drinking. La Salle decided that he wanted to train the teachers to be proper religious educators, and as he talked about the problems and tried to give the teachers a sense of self respect, they quit. Others took their places and grew in faith, prayer, order, and discipline under the leadership of La Salle. La Salle then gave away his fortune and dedicated his life to education. La Salle believed that the more religious a school was, the more successful it was. Religion was included in all subjects in his school, and catechism was taught to the boys. Teachers from other schools were jealous of the success of La Salle and tried to bring up law suits to ruin him. After suffering from several diseases, La Salle died on April 7, 1719. John Baptist de la Salle is the patron saint of teachers, school principals, and educators. La Salle is remember on his feast day on April 7.
Throw yourself into God’s arms. He will carry you when the road is rough.

                ~ John Baptist de la Salle



Hold prayer in high esteem. It is the foundation of all the virtues, and the source of all grace needed to sanctify ourselves and to discharge the duties of our employment
Stir up your trust in the infinite goodness of God. 

Give honor to your Creator by leaving the care of your person in the hands of God.

Don’t be troubled about the present or disquieted about the future, but be concerned only about the moment you must now live.

Do not let anticipation of tomorrow be a burden on the day that is passing.

What you lack in the evening, the new morning will bring you, if you know how to hope in God.

 ~John Baptist de La Salle